Life At Centurion

Each written term and SSB Interview Coaching session is conducted by the Centurion Defence Academy in accordance with the student's convenient course schedule, constituting a rigorous 120 hours of necessary training. Even while this strict schedule keeps candidates busy all day, they still have plenty of time to develop precious memories and lifetime friendships. After finishing the course, most students don't want to say goodbye to their new friends and grow accustomed to the busy yet enjoyable schedule at Centurion.


Centurion Defence Academy offers its students a unique combination of exceptional facilities in an effort to win their hearts and provide them with a learning friendly atmosphere. Additional assistance is essential because learning from books and lectures alone cannot ensure success. Therefore, Centurion offers the following features for students to make their learning comprehensive and engaging since it understands the benefits of a holistic environment.

Moral Teaching + Best Infrastructure

Learning can only be perpetuated if it is grasped in a setting that is constructive. With complete A.C. and nicely decorated classrooms, Centurion offers a serene environment. Furthermore, academic knowledge alone is inadequate, particularly when it comes to defence. Consequently, Centurion combines academic programs with moral guidance.

GTO Ground

Candidates can experience the 165+ obstacles on the full-length SSB GTO ground at Centurion Defence Academy while being properly guided by experts and former Indian Armed Forces personnel. Centurion's Services Selection Board - SSB GTO Ground is a replication of the real SSB, covering PGT, HGT, FGT, CT, and every individual and group obstacle included in the GTO Tasks. It also has a long-running track for race and physical strength.

R&D Department

Our R&D department has played a significant role in the Centurion Defence Academy enhancing its benchmarks to a new extreme. This section diligently pursues the publication of personalized books by conducting extensive research, delving into important issues, and assessing the most pertinent material. Additionally, Centurion also offers free learning resources.

Online Presence

The unique treasure that Centurion offers—a selected question bank+weekly mock tests with constantly updated results—can be found nowhere else. Login screen and online education being tech-friendly, Centurion keeps track of each student's username and password, as well as their attendance, receipts, attempted tests, results, and other information. This new approach makes it simpler to locate the student.


Sports activities are essential for physical strength, thus we take them very actively to make sure that all of our students are growing holistically. Centurion offers a variety of indoor and outdoor games to keep our students healthy. A yearly sports competition is also held where students can showcase their untapped potential and there is healthy competition between the two branches of the Academy located in Alambagh and Indira Nagar.


The library of Centurion Defence Academy has a wealth of both online and paper-based resources to aid students in developing conceptual understanding. The "Pratigya Library" of Centurion Defence Academy is a comprehensive platform with a wide range of learning resources, not just a space for self-directed learning. Students have access to a library that is open at their convenience and has plenty of excellent publications so they can study effectively.

Activity Area

Your temperament can be boosted and you can feel better with effective cooperation and communication. We maintain optimum coordination between various touch points because social connection is beneficial for your intellect and general wellness. At Centurion, there are sessions with accomplished people that are open to all of our students.

Hostel Facility

One of the best institutes that provides food and lodging, Centurion also takes care of the student's accommodation. There are affordable hostels with amenities like air conditioning, a cooler, an attendance register, CCTV cameras, and a competent warden that cost between INR 5,500 and 7,000. Additionally, the hostels are close to the academy's premises.

Mess Facility

Food served at the hostels of Centurion Defence Academy is continually being improved to be healthier, more affordable, and tastier. The mess is next to the hostel. We offer a variety of cuisine because students at Centurion come from all over India and have various tastes. We have a wide range of food, whether it be south Indian, Mughlai, Gujarati or Rajasthani, and all at prices that are very reasonable.

Extra- curricular activities

Since candidates can make lifelong friends and connections through extracurricular activities, interact with students from diverse backgrounds, and develop exchangeable abilities such as communication, team spirit, and association, Centurion Defence Academy offers its students a platform to discover their talents by taking part in a variety of cultural activities. We hold cultural events where students can display their talents on special days like Independence Day and many others.